The Frisco Democrats is the official PAC for Democrats in the City of Frisco, Texas. We want to become one of the most active communities of Democrats in Texas.
We advance our goals through several ongoing programs:

  • VOTER REGISTRATION. All year long, the Frisco Democrats will work hard to register Democrats throughout our city. 
  • VOTER OUTREACH. Our grassroots volunteers and activists will reach out to local voters, providing information on endorsed candidates and motivating Democratic supporters to vote. We will also coordinate with the state party to participate in important races near us. 
  • ENDORSEMENTS. The Frisco Democrats will make endorsements for each election to inform Democratic voters about the candidates and ballot measures we consider most worthy of support. 
  • FUNDRAISING & INFRASTRUCTURE. The resources to accomplish our goals will come from our local supporters in Frisco. We will raise funds to support our annual voter registration efforts and voter outreach efforts, and to ensure that we have the resources necessary to elect Democrats at the local, state and national level.